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Cries of Innocence 11
Blaze's POV

 Surprisingly, the Telal didn't stay as far away from the temple as we had hoped. The only reason I could think of why is to make sure that the members of the temple stayed in the temple. I'm not sure why, but I expected it to also resemble the temple in a way, stuck in medieval times without electricity or contact with the outside world. I couldn't have been anymore wrong. It was like a small town, streetlights glittering in the darkness of the night and lights shining through windows of the well built deck houses. 
  In the strangest way, I was appalled. Maybe it was because people who lived in the temple were not allowed to move forward in civilization because someone had made a mistake. What was worst was that it was our insane great-grandmother who caused all of this...
  We were flatted against a hummock, which is a short hill that kept us hidden from sight in the night but allowed us to see everything. So far
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Ember Redesign by Egyptian-Wolf Ember Redesign :iconegyptian-wolf:Egyptian-Wolf 0 0
Cries of Innocence 10
Sagar's POV

  My life was in the hands of a child who decided to trust me on a whim to protect her family who was already doomed to die. It was heartwarming in an odd way, not that I was growing attached to the child. It wasn't too hard to fool her into thinking that I was harmless, just a simple sob story how I had been a Tiamat like her who had lost my life and I had her complete trust. Of course, I, too, had been a Tiamat when I was alive. But, it was more like an execution than a murder, the temple was happy to throw me to the dogs. Perhaps it was because they feared me and the way I enjoyed making them rot.
  Tiamats before me always practiced healing, avoiding death. But they was just wasting their talents, trying to prove to the Telal that they deserved a chance to live. None of them ever did live a full life though. So why prolong the inevitable? In my life time I used my powers and enjoyed every moment of it.
  Sadly, I learned that even
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Huh? by Egyptian-Wolf Huh? :iconegyptian-wolf:Egyptian-Wolf 2 0
Cries of Innocence 9
Ember's POV

  I try not to question most of the strange things Melody does, but after the current events with Mom's death and a maniac wanting her dead, I couldn't help myself. Watching her shovel most of her food from her plate at the stone table wouldn't surprise me, she use to do this at home to feet stray animals outside. But, here, the only animals were the fish in the lake, and I'm sure they wouldn't eat things like apples and deer meat that a group of hunters had been sent to kill. It required a special group to retrieve meat because all the animals were over the large stone walls surrounding the temple. 
  I could tell even Blaze was questioning her actions, he watched her with both eyebrows raised, not speaking or trying to stop her. 
 Once Mel zipped up her bag, she noticed us watching and flinched as if we motioned to strike at her, "Um ... There's a mouse in my room, I'm trying to catch the little fella ..."
 "Are you f
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Finding True Happiness Part 1

  They're laughing now, the people I had come to know and work with over the years at North Garden Psychiatric Hospital. And I'm laughing too, no. No, I'm not laughing, it's too forced, like all the other times.
  I love the sound of laughter, but my own laugh now has become almost hallow, not quite real as if I truly don't want to laugh. But I do, it feels wonderful and it makes me feel normal, like my life could be absolutely perfect.
  The others don't react strangely to my laugh, they never heard me truly laugh so they question it, they just assume I get the joke, just like them. And that's reassuring, knowing that they think I'm one of them. But, the only two people that truly know me are Elijah, the head doctor around here and the man that found and raised me, and Ozzy, or Oz as he prefers to be called, a psychotic man that had been in training with me during nursing school. Only, he didn't go to the school to become a nurse, he went to
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Cries of Innocence 8 (Everything Explained.)
After two weeks, you would have thought that everything had gotten better. We had settled into the temple, the people there was no longer avoiding us, and there had been no sign of Crevan. All these things were a relief, but there was a deeper problem ...
"Try again ..." Ziusudra repeated for what seemed like the thousandth time. For as long as we had been doing this, it probably was the millionth time. 
We had been coming to the ritual room for private training in using my healing abilities. Ziusudra had warned me that if I didn't practice I could easily lose control now that I give lift just as well as I could take it away. And I didn't want that to happen. The room was circular with shelves lined with herbs and jars to make medication. In the center of the room was a thick slab of stone used for a alter or a table. On it was a yellow flower Ziusudra had dug from the garden and put in a jar. The once proud and brightly colored flower was now w
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Cries of Innocence part 7
Melody POV

My cheek stung from Ziusudra's sudden hit, I hadn't of expected it, he seemed so calm now he was boiling over with anger, "Ow! What was that for?" I asked, regaining my balance and rubbing my cheek. "That really hurt!"
  "Good, you are smart enough to know what pain is. Do you know how painful it would be for your brother and sister to lose someone else that they care about!?" Ziusudra snapped. "Or how painful it is for a bullet to run through your heart!?"
  "What are you talking about?" I frowned.
  "I know you went with Crevan willingly." He glared. "How could you be this foolish!? Even after I told you to keep fighting?"
  I looked down towards my snow covered feet guiltily, "I ... I'm sorry ... I just didn't want anyone else to get hurt like Mom did ..."
  "You have this gift for a reason, Melody." He knelt down to my eye level, but his look was still cold and unforgiving, "Do not someone else judge what you have or decided what
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Cries of Innocence Part 6
Ziusudra POV

I couldn't believe the relief I felt upon reaching esharra, home. The large, wooden gates hovered over us, they was large enough to reach towards the sky and the unknown beyond the clouds. I remembered when these gates were built to protect us from the rest of the world, from the people who saw us as monsters. Back then, I did not blame them. We had made poor choices and ruined our very souls. 
  It wasn't long before the gates creaked open, it almost sounded as if they was screaming, pleading not to be open to allow any outside dangers into our esharra. 
  The temple was as high as the gates, reaching beyond the clouds and disappearing from sight because of the great distan ina etuti absu, dwelling in the night that still lingered around us. It was made from stones that were an aged yellow tint with large cracks and vines from plants that could survive the winter's wrath ran down along the sides. The archways had no doors, so sma
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Cries of Innocence Part 5
Blaze POV

"Melody ... Mel!" It seemed like I had repeated her name over a hundred times before she finally lifted her head to look at me. "Ember got the bullet out, we need you to close Ziusudra's wound-" My voice drifted away when I noticed the tears. "Give me a minute ..." I said to Ember.
  She looked at Melody worryingly, we had never seen her cry before. She was always so positive, so full of happiness. Maybe the event with Crevan had shaken her up?
  I walked over, sitting down in front of her, Cheshire crawled behind Melody, starring at me curiously, "What's up, Song Bird?"
  Melody wiped her eyes on her sleeve, "Blaze ... Do you ever think that someone shouldn't have a power ..."
  "Well, it depends." I muttered.
  "On what?"
  "The person." I told her, figuring that this concerned her and Crevan's harsh words. "Having a power, whether good or bad, can be use correctly and can be abused. The person who has that power has to know the
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Cries of Innocence Part 4
Crevan's POV

  "We had a deal!" The young girl cried, standing in front of the annoying Sumerian protectively. "You said no one would get hurt if I went with you!"
  "You wasn't keeping your end of the deal and this man tried to kill me." I told her.
  "He wouldn't have!"
  The man grunted in pain, gripping his shoulder as a pool of red blood shined brightly against the white snow. I never had bothered to learn his name, mainly because I doubt I could even pronounce it. I lifted my gun, aiming towards the back of his skull, "I finish what I start, kid. If I let him go, he'll merely come after me. It's human nature."
  "No!" She yelled, latching onto my arm and trying to pry my hand open. It was in vain though, with one swift motion I was able to know her back into the snow.
  "If you've accept your fate then he can accept his." I said.
  Her soulless blue eyes glared up at me rather angrily, "This isn't his fate! He doesn't de
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Cries of Innocence Part 3
Ember POV

  The last thing I expected was to be woken up by a Cheshire, the weird cat-crab creature and I certainly didn't expect to find out Melody was missing. Blaze and I was able to find shallow foot prints even though the heavy snow was falling quickly close to the edge of the camp site. What filled us with horror was finding other foot prints that were much too big for Mel and leading into the forest.
  "Hmm ..." Ziusudra knelt down, examining the foot prints. "They're possibly about thirty minutes old, maybe less."
  "If it's Crevan ..." Blaze growled through gritted teeth.
  If it's Crevan," Ziusudra's eyes narrowed towards us, "then you both are staying here. I will retrieve the little one."
  My eyes widened with disbelief, "You expect us to sit back and do nothing!?"
  "You are not doing nothing. You are doing what you told." He told us in a matter-of-fact tone, he stood up, brushing off the remains of snow. "Stay put." His eyes
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Yes, this is my gallery!! Prepare for epic RANDOMNESS!!! :evillaugh:


Happy Birthday Egyptian Wolf! by trex654321 Happy Birthday Egyptian Wolf! :icontrex654321:trex654321 2 22 SR: Absol and Sylveon by FrightFox SR: Absol and Sylveon :iconfrightfox:FrightFox 11 6 Captain Swan by Heylenne Captain Swan :iconheylenne:Heylenne 4,104 247 Anubis by Silverfox5213 Anubis :iconsilverfox5213:Silverfox5213 2,761 103 soon... by danzzila soon... :icondanzzila:danzzila 9,322 495 The Terror That Flaps in the Night by TamarinFrog The Terror That Flaps in the Night :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 1,723 362 SPN - Cas pls by kata-009 SPN - Cas pls :iconkata-009:kata-009 1,137 39 The Dirty Jobs by enginesummer The Dirty Jobs :iconenginesummer:enginesummer 209 72 Banner-WEbsite v03 by DaveDonut Banner-WEbsite v03 :icondavedonut:DaveDonut 23,615 3,778 His Doppelganger by DemiseMAN His Doppelganger :icondemiseman:DemiseMAN 2,694 91 A study in hands by Spectrum-VII A study in hands :iconspectrum-vii:Spectrum-VII 1,693 51 made_of_lines_wip. by Lady2 made_of_lines_wip. :iconlady2:Lady2 1,007 110 Rebirth (kinda) by Team-Van-Helsing Rebirth (kinda) :iconteam-van-helsing:Team-Van-Helsing 27 27 aye eyes! by Demachic aye eyes! :icondemachic:Demachic 2,284 80 Drawing WIP by gabbyd70 Drawing WIP :icongabbyd70:gabbyd70 2,516 260 Happy Halloween by ClimbTheCastleWalls Happy Halloween :iconclimbthecastlewalls:ClimbTheCastleWalls 3 0

Prepare for EXTREME randomness, i will also not be held for injeries or lost of eye sight!

:eyepopping: :rofl:


I wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. :) You guys are the best. I really appreciate it. :D For part of the day I kinda forgot it was my birthday. :iconwhistleplz: But, lets just pretend that derp moment didn't happen. 

I wish I had been on more but some things are going on at home.

Also, after today, I will be moving to :iconfreedomfighter34: I know I've been talking about it for a while, but since I suppose to get a laptop for my birthday this weekend, I think it's time. I'll probably just post pictures though, I've been working on my drawing, mainly drawing creepy things or confusing things rather than cartoons which is what I really need to work on drawing on since they turn out like balloon heads with cross eyes and oddly positioned arms and baby hands. ^^;

But, I'm going to try to be on more and post more (And hopefully better looking) pictures than I have been. I'll also try to post pictures of the puppies. So far, two of them have their eyes open! :squee: But, the dark female has yet to even try ... Is it possible she doesn't know that she can? :icondontunderstandplz: I'm still looking for names so feel free to suggest but whether they're used isn't up to me, it's up to my mom. But, I'd still love to hear the ideas and I'm sure they're all great names. ^^ My mom is just utterly picky and since the father of the pups, who was her dog, passed away, she's going to be very picky on these pups. She's already planning to dress them up in girly clothes ... And one is a boy ... Poor little feller. ^^;


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I usually draw real people but I really wanna practice drawing cartoons. I'm slowly getting better and better but it's taking a long time. ^^;



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